Sean Clark's Work and Internet Archive

A Brief History of Cuttlefish

1st August 2022
Under Construction Until Summer 2023

I have beem using the internet since 1989 and created my first website in 1993. Ever since then I have been documenting my activities (across art, business and research) digitally and I have built up a large archive of websites, pictures, videos, blog posts and items of digital ephemera. I am now starting to upload these materials to a single online location - I expect to complete the processing and upload in October 2023 - 30 years after I published my first website.

After this I will begin on the next phase of the project - developing a conversational AI that will allow people to interact with the archive using natural language.

Dr Sean Clark

26th June 2022
25 Years of Cuttlefish.Com

The 26th June 2022 marks the 25th anniversary of my registration of the domain name To recognise this milestone,I have written A Brief History of Cuttlefish. The article includes screengrabs of the site as it has developed over the years.