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Digital Kaleidoscope / 2015

The Digital Kaleidoscope takes the form of a 7-meter high rocket ship that has been installed as part of the Fun Works attraction in the Yas Mall in Abu Dhabi. Working for Engineering Creatives in Newcastle, who designed and built the rocket ship structure as well as other attractions at the mall, we were tasked with developing a computer kaleidoscope system. Our solution allows six iPad-based "Creation Stations" to generate and select visual content that can be run through a giant 2-meter hexagonal projection screen - complete with giant mirrors - to produce a classic kaleidoscopic effect.

We styled the user experience as a 'journey into space', in which up to six audience members at a time would enter the rocket ship and choose mission parameters (select content) prior to 'take-off'. Intro- and outro- video sequences, music and sound effects and custom graphical user interfaces on the iPads added to the experience. The project used technology often found in our digital artworks (Max, Javascript and DMX lighting) and applied it to a commercial brief.


The Digital Kaleidoscope makes extensive use of Cycling 74's Max, Javascript UIs and HTML5 web technology, DMX lighting, video cameras, projectors and custom-made mirrors.


The Kaleidoscope at Yas Mall's Fun Works in Abu Dhabi.