Glastonbury - June 1995

Last year's Glastonbury festival was the usual mix of major bands, green fields, circus, theatre, comedy, hippy-techno livestyles and so on. What's more, it saw the Shamen's first major gig in about 18 months. The band headlined at the NME stage on Saturday night and previewed material from new album as wll as playing a few older tracks. The festival was covered extensively by Channel 4 and here we have a few AIFF sound samples from the coverage together with various JPEG photographs taken over the weekend. If you were there we hope this brings back a few good memories, if not, well, this gives you an idea of what you missed.

Phoever People - Live (1 minute .AIFF sound sample, 667K). Courtesy of Channel 4.

Destination Eschaton - Live (1 minute .AIFF sound sample, 667K) Courtesy of Channel 4.

Martin Kavanagh from the VirtualiTea Room (left) and Sean Clark (right), the Nemeton Webmaster, with son Nathan. Photograph Charles Cosh.

The NME Stage. Photograph Charles Cosh.

The Glastonbury CyberCafe. Photograph Sean Clark.

The Way Collective. Photograph Sean Clark.

The festy vibe. Photograph Sean Clark.

A recycled temple thing. Photograph Sean Clark.

Keep smiling. Photograph Sean Clark.

A couple of Shamen fans photographed during the gig. Photograph Sean Clark.