GWW03 is an exhibition of digital work by award-winning Leicester artist Sean Clark. It opens on the 29th June 2018 at LCB Depot, Leicester and will then be distributed across six locations in the City.

Sean Clark's work is concerned with dynamic patterns - or "systems" - of organisation and is inspired by natural processes such as flow and "connectedness". His first exhibition was in 2000 and since then he has shown work around the world - including in the USA, China, UK & Europe and Australia. His images are generated by computer programs and can run "live" on screens, or be exhibited as prints.


As well as being an artist Sean Clark, is a curator, the Founder and Managing Director of web/mobile developer Cuttlefish, the Director of Leicester arts company Interact Digital Arts, a Visiting Researcher at the Institute of Creative Technologies at De Montfort University in the UK and an International Professor at Guangdong University of Technology in China.

In 2016 he was the co-winner, with Esther Rolinson, of the prestigious Lumen Prize for 3D/Sculpture. The Lumen Prize is one of the world's premier award for digital art.