Britannia Mill
School of Art & Design
University of Derby

An exciting two-day free event exploring how new computer-driven technologies are re-defining creative practice and challenging ideas of the self, culture and society for artists, writers and cultural workers.



Kath Moonan: Selective Memory

Chris Unsworth: The Knowledge Exchange: developing network support for IT in the Arts

Sean Clark: Future Perfect?

Geoff Broadway: Digital Montage

Esther Sayers: Increasing the posibilities for change and transformation.

Brendan Jackson: Community Connections

Sarah Pink: Visual Culture, Internet and Spanish Migrants

Shaun Varney: Virtual Reality as an Artistic Medium

Noel Douglas: Mediated Presentation

David Toop: An Ocean of Sound

Nina Pope & Karen Guthrie: A Hypertext Journel

Steve Webb & Graeme McBeath: Virtual Culture, New Technologies and Globalisation:Towards a Phenomenological Perspective

Andrew Wilson: Computer Mediated Technologies, Subjectivity and Memory

Joan Dixon: Why Cyberspace is for Philosophical Nerds

The Timetable: Thursday// Friday//

Also Featuring:

Video Screenings//
A collection of stimulating and provocative videos will be running throughout the two days.

Metro Screenings//
Toy Story and Baraka will be shown at the Metro Cinema, Derby

The CyberJoint//
featuring internet access, live link-ups, interactive artworks... .

Its About Time//
an exhibition of new artwork organised by Jayne Murray

Ambient Meltdown//

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Head First is organised by Resonance on behalf of the School of Art & Design University of Derby and held in conjunction with the Design Research Centre, Centre for Advanced Practice in Photography, Film and Video and the Metro Cinema