Video Screenings: see notice board for times

'Spin'-Brian Springer 76mins 1995-
'if by any chance you still believe in TV, 'Spin' will change your mind. 'Wired Nov 95'

'Manufacturing Consent'-Noam Chomsky-
A critical look at how the media reinforces and reproduces the dominant ideas in western society by establishing acceptable parameters for discussion and critcism of our culture.

'Icon Earth'- Horizon BBC1995-
In the age of global telecommunication our concept of the earth seems to be in transformation but what underlies this perception and is it markedly different from ideas in the past?

'White Heat' -
Assesses the impact of science and technology on the development of western culture.

'Protean Vision Quest'- Ancient Alien Demo
a collection of innovative computer generated animation and music videos

Visions of Heaven & Hell-
Parts of the excellent documentary series which investigates the positive and negative impact of the new information technologies on the concepts and realities of community life.

'Life in the Fast Lane' by Neil Goodwin-
This provocative video documents the alternative view of the M11 Link Road campaign. It charts the rise and fall of the protest and shows how individuals can use the new media to challenge the authority of institutions such as the Department of Transport which had unlimited money, policemen and security guards.

'Cyberville'- Equinox C4 1995-
An overview of all things 'Cyber' from Cybersex to Hyperreality, VR to Netheads all life is here...