Nina Pope & Karen Guthrie: A Hypertext Journal

The artists Nina Pope & Karen J Guthrie will discuss their experimental Internet project, A Hypertext Journal , an on-line travelogue. Their website was updated daily, using images, text, sound and animation, throughout a journey in Scotland based on that of the 18th century writers, Boswell & Johnson. The artists will discuss the processes and problems of making an online interactive art work.

Karen Guthrie is visual artist who works in printmaking and drawing as well as with computers. Her recent computer-based work has included a collaborartion with Nina Pope on 'Somewhere Over the TV' which was an installation of trees, video and computers which was shown in the Collective Gallery, Edinburgh and the Fringe Gallery, Glasgow in early1995.

Nina Pope is an artist who uses computers for much of her work and some of her most recent projects include 'Somewhere Over the TV' with Karen Guthrie, a Site specific work for Ickworth House and she is also the technical co ordinator for ArtAIDS