Sean Clark: Future Perfect?

Communication technologies have had a dramatic effect on 20th century society - helping to erode many of the artificial boundaries placed between people and consequently mediate much social change. In this presentation I will argue that communication technology will continue to be a major agent of social development in the 21st century and I will suggest that new models of political and social organisation will need to be produced if this technology-driven change is to be managed for the benefit of all society. In particular, I aim to identify what I see as deficiencies in the traditional left/right dogmatic view of politics and show how new world views - such as the Extropian standpoint and elements of green/anarchist/libertarian movements - may have more to offer our "Future Perfect" world.

Sean Clark is currently Creative Director of Headland Multimedia, a co-founder of the Resonance group, co-editor of Net-user magazine, freelance writer and a general internet wizard. His most recent projects include the innovative www sites of The Shamen and the computer artist William Latham .