Brendan Jackson: Community Connections

Over the last few years Jubilee Arts have been involved in many community arts projects which have made central use of new technolgies in the Sandwell and Dudley area of Birmingham. Brendan Jackson will outline some of these diverse activites such as the award winning interactive computer programme 'Sex Get Serious' and will discuss some of Jubilee Arts exciting plans for the future.

Brendan Jackson is the tireless project director of Jubilee Arts, based in the Sandwell and Dudley area of West Brom, and has been instrumental in many of their community arts projects including Sex Get Serious, The Tipton Tea Service, Asthma Atttack and is currently working with Geese Theatre on a CD-ROM project called Lifting the Wieght which aims to encourage young ofenders to examine issues of crime reduction and personal responsibility by participating in all stages of the production process through drama, art, music, video and sound workshops.