Head First: Introduction//

We are increasingly being told by the media and numerous socal commentators that the emerging computer driven technologies are set to have a big, if not revolutionary, impact on our society, promising radical changes to the way we work, play, create and communicate. The introduction and rapid development of these new technologies in our culture are welcomed by some as liberating tools and mediums which are set to empower the individual and enhance society, allowing unprecedented communication, collaboration and exchange while for others the increasing use of these technologies will ultimately be used to increase our alienation from nature, further increase the fragmentation of any real-world community and impede any coherent understanding of our world.

Head First aims explore some of these opposing views and how the development of these new technologies are already changing the ways that artists, writers and cultural workers are re-defining creative practice and challenging their ideas of the self, culture and society. With a broad range of presentations, activities and events we hope to be able to get a flavour of the positive and exciting uses that these technologies are currently being put to while also attempting to critically explore some of the more theoretical issues at stake. We hope that Head First will be an enjoyable and stimulating event which will provide useful and relevant discussions and debates across a wide range of issues and serve as an accessible opportunity to find out more about what is really in store for us with the advent of the so-called information age.