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Interact Live 2 @ Fabrika

13th January 2012
Fabrika Independent Arts Centre, 68 Humberstone Gate, Leicester, LE1 3PL

7:30pm - 11:00pm @ Fabrika, Humberstone Gate, Leicester.

As part of the Max Conference at Phoenix Square the Interact Gallery will be hosting an evening of live music and interactive arts.

Entry £5 or £4 for Max Conference attendees.

Live music and visuals (downstairs) from:

ASMO - Circuit Bent Electronics - http://asmo23.wordpress.com/
Fortran - Live Electronics - http://marktowers.net/fortran/
Protofuse (France) - Ambient and drone soundscapes - http://protofuse.net/
Wife Divorces Man Accused of Hotel Leap - http://www.myspace.com/wifedivorces
Blend Visuals - http://www.facebook.com/weareblend

Exhibition of interactive artworks (upstairs) by:

Jackie Calderwood - "Colour Chords" - http://www.gatherer3.com/
Sean Clark - "Memory Mirror" - http://www.seanclark.me.uk/
Lee Scott - "Laser Harp"
Craig Clarke - "Simaesthesia" - http://vimeo.com/30920315
Honest Dave - "Bath Time"
Stuart Smith and Mike Gatt - "Sound Tree" - http://asmo23.wordpress.com/

(The exhibition will run for three weeks after the live event)