The Shamen
Heal (the Separation)

Heal (the Separation) The Shamen released Heal (the Separation) on 29/1/96 in a stunning two CD box (CD2 sold seperately) + cassette. A week before the single release The Shamen released a MIDI mix of the track on Nemeton.

CD1 Organ Mix, Science Park Mix, PM Dawn Mix, Steve Osborne Ambient 12", H.E.L.P Breakbeat, Beatmasters + Foul Play 12" Vox

CD2 Heal (the Separation) Mighty Organ Mix, Move Any Mountain - Live at The Forum 10/11/95, Boss Drum - Lion Rock Dub, Phorever People - Todd Terry Mix

Cassette Organ Mix, Liquid Wireless Mix

RealAudio, WAV and MIDI Samples

Organ Mix RealAudio (240K) * Foul Play 12" Vox RealAudio (435K) * LP Version 1min AIFF (780K) * LP Version 15secs AIFF (146K) * Nemeton MIDI Mix (45K) * Nemeton MIDI Mix (60K, QuickTime 2.1 Movie)

QuickTime Video Clips (Cinepak, 1000+ colours)

45sec QuickTime Video Clip (1.8Mb) * 15sec QuickTime Video Clip (608K)

See the Axis Mutatis (Web Mix) Version of Heal (the Separation) with lyrics and background material. The Shamen return to their club roots with a live PA tour of some of Europe's best club venues.