Heal the Seperation

Written by CGA/R. West. Published by Warner Chappell Music

Time was when we lay together
But that was long before the fall
I feel the same way now as ever
Somehow the both of us were wrong

We have to heal the seperation
We need to know the hour is right
For us to heal the deep divide
And I can feel the affirmation
So real the revelation
To heal the seperation
Tide and time will shape the changes

That many moons will see bestowed
Stronger than we can imagine
Stranger than we can suppose
Heal the separation
End the prohibition, make it happen
Time to put things right to synergize to reunite
Remember who we are and where we come from
Undo the damage done the change has got to come
Be now as then as one

Hemp is a fast-growing and versitile crop - yet growing it is banned in this country due to restrictive and misinformed 'drug laws'. This article illustrates what an important crop hemp could once again become if it's cultivation were to be encouraged.

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