A Preview of Axis Mutatis

Axis Mutatis from The Shamen featured the hit singles "Destination Eschaton" and "Transamazonia". To accompany the album The Shamen released this World Wide Web document containing samples from each track, artwork and background information from a variety of sources - including Greenpeace, artist William Latham and shamanism expert Leo Rutherford. This offers you a unique way to explore some of the themes behind the album.

1. Destination Eschaton2. Transamazonia3. Conquistador4. Mauna Kea to Andromeda
12. Agua Azul13. S2 Translation5. Neptune
11. Eschaton Omega6. Prince of Popocatapetl
10. Axis Mundi9. Moment8. Persephone's Quest7. Heal (The Separation)

Sound Samples

Axis Mutatis was released in the UK on One Little Indian Records on 23rd October 1995, with a world-wide release following later in the year. For a limited period the album was accompianed by "Arbor Bona, Arbor Mala", a full-lengh second album of ambient and underground mixes.

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