Written by CGA/R. West. Published by Warner Chappell Music

PeopleAh conquistador is it only gold youre looking for
Or may you still yet see
The treasure long concealed within thee?
PeopleAh conquistador campaigns you waged to win the war
To gain the world and lose your soul
What were you fighting for?
Ah conquistador enslaved in chains you never saw
You who were meant to live so free
Ah conquistador who plundered paradise and more
PeopleTo gain the world and lose your soul
Por que conquistador?

Ta logico , ta otimo , ta legal
Tem jeito?
....sempre tem jeito

The spirit of the conquistador is as alive now as it ever was. One group campaigning against the continuing occupation of tribal lands is Survival International. Survival is the only worldwide organisation supporting tribal peoples through public campaigns. It was founded in 1969 after an article by Norman Lewis in the UK's Sunday Times highlighted the massacres, land thefts and genocide taking place in Brazilian Amazonia. Like many modern atrocities, the racist opression of Brazil's Indians took place in the name of 'economic growth'. Click here for more information about Survival and details of how to join.

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