Written by CGA/R. West. Published by Warner Chappell Music

MomentHeyawunaho energy flows where attention goes
For the gift of the present we owe it to the moment
Heyawunaho as above so let it be below
For the grace of the presence we owe it to the moment

No reason no rhyme
Not even to be grateful
No reason to be here at all
The more I learn the less I know for sure
I am reminded
Each new belief is a limit itself to be transcended

MomentMany signals many signs
Appear in sure succession,leaving such impression
So many signals many cycles many constellations
Signs of the times align in infinite progression
Take a slice out of life
Everybodys got to own their own little piece of it
Well hell I've got mine
And now its true I wonder could I really ever do without it?
MomentNo victim no crime
So how come they can still call we criminal
So many people doing time
It's easy to get cynical
When there just is not enough justice
There will be those who try to deny and oppose you
There will be others still whose aim is but to use you
Don't let them bring you down, don't let them disappoint thee
Their eyes shall never see the coming of the glory
Sunrise no surprise another spectral morning
Open my eyes to find a brand new day is dawning
Must be the season or the silence
That gives my lovers whispered words the innocence of song birds

Your freedom is under threat. This article by Alan Lodge examines how the Act affects party goers and 'ravers' in the UK. It was written earlier this year and offers some promise that we may be able to beat the Act.

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