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Resonance: Patterns of Connection

An Exhibition of Work by Esther Rolinson and Sean Clark

Wednesday 6th - Friday 22nd December 2017
LCB Depot Lightbox, Leicester, LE1 1RE

Exhibition Opening

The exhibition will open on the evening of the Wednesday 6th December 2017 (6pm - 9pm) with talks by Dr Cesar Baio from i-DAT and Dr Fabrizio Poltronieri from the Institute of Creative Technologies at DeMontfort University. Refreshments will be provided. Please confirm your attendance on Facebook or MeetUp.

Digital Art Workshop - Easy Saturday

On Saturday 9th December 2017 (12pm - 4pm) Sean Clark will be running a drop-in digital art workshops in which people can experiment with computer-controlled lights and 3D printing.

Exhibition Closing - Canteen

The exhibition closes on the evening of Friday 22nd December 2017, which coincides with LCB Depot's famous street-food night, Canteen.

In this exhibition at the LCB Depot Lightbox Gallery in Leicester, artists Esther Rolinson and Sean Clark show artworks that explore their shared interests in connectedness. The pieces vary from computer-generated light works and digital screens to three dimensional structures, high-quality prints and ink drawings.

The exhibition reveals the diversity of Sean Clark and Esther Rolinson's art practices, as well as their common ground. They will be showing new individual artworks as well as presenting their latest experimental work together, in which Esther Rolinson's digital drawings, produced using an app written by Sean Clark are captured, deconstructed and represented. This work-in-progress aims to create a dialogue between hand-drawing and digital construction. This emerging process translates rhythms of movement in the drawings into light sequences in the Esther Rolinson's light works.

Sean Clark's new work continues his exploration in to what he calls "connected digital artworks" and "cybernetic ecologies". Custom-made digital screens will be showing new internet-connected artworks and he will be revealing his latest digital prints and 3D-printed "ArtThings".

Esther Rolinson will be showcasing small-scale sculptural light works and drawings developed over the last year in her process based art practice. These are explorations of felt sensations and sounds investigating structures and patterns in human experience. The works will show the intricacy of Rolinson's practice from instinctive and rule based drawing to complex programmed sculptural systems.


Sean Clark is an artist and programmer based in Leicester. His practice involves the creation of screen-based and 3D digital artworks that explore the nature of interactivity, flow and connectedness. Inspired by systems theory and cybernetics, he makes use of a wide range of computer hardware and software in his work, plus 3D printing, electronics and digital lighting. He showed his first gallery-based installation in 2000 and has continued to exhibit nationally and internationally ever since. As well as being a practicing artist, he also works as a digital arts curator and educator. He is an International Professor at GuangDong University of Technology in China, a Visiting Research Fellow at De Montfort University, a member of the Computer Arts Society and a Fellow of the British Computer Society.

Esther Rolinson is an award wininng UK based artist who makes light installations and sculptural works through drawing. Working since 1999, she has major permanent installations in the UK and exhibits her works internationally. Her drawings are exhibited in their own right and examples of her two dimensional works have been acquired for the Victoria and Albert Museum Digital Art Collection. Rolinson makes drawings in experimental ways to understand structures and sensations, often using simple systems to render overall complex forms. She extends her drawing techniques to develop physical forms and movement sequences that underpin the programming of light movements in her installations.

Esther Rolinson first worked with Sean Clark as a programming consultant for her light installation works "Melt, Splinter and Thread", exhibited at The Cube at Phoenix in Leicester in 2013. Following this, Sean Clark collaborated with Esther Rolinson on the programming development for the light installation Flown that went on to win The Lumen Global Digital Arts Prize, Sculptural and 3D Award 2016 and the inaugural ArtCHI Prize, San Jose, California, 2016.


Exhibition Install

Exhibition Opening


Exhibition Catalogue


Interact Digital Arts
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Esther Rolinson

Sean Clark

This exhibition has been organised by Interact Digital Arts with generous support from LCB Depot and Arts Council England.