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Networked Migrations / Ximena Alarcón

Based at Interact Spring 2012

Networked Migrations – Listening To And Performing The In-between Space

By Ximena Alarcón
Research Fellow, CRiSAP
University of the Arts London

What is the in-between geographies sonic space like when we migrate?

This project aims to develop a telematic performance strategy to create an in-between sonic space for migrants, exploring soundscape, voice as a nomadic sound, and deep listening practice. Telematic performance is seen here as an interdependent art form that can allow the creation of imagined in-between sonic spaces that help migrants to heal feelings of unsettledness.

Two performances, London-Bogotá and Leicester-Mexico City, will be developed as case studies. Along with the fieldwork, the research will work with the software Jacktrip that enables high quality audio with minimum delay for these performances, and propose the development of software applications and performance strategies for the wider public.

Performance "Letters and Bridges"

Mexico-Leicester: These will be two migratory nodes, with three migrants (interdisciplinary artists) from different parts of the world in each node who share letters (in many different languages) from their loved ones who are distant, and actual letters, that they write to an artist partner, about the feelings towards the place where they live. This performance will include the participation of an audience. This performance will invite to listen to and sound the in-between space formed by different languages, transits and stories around the world, to establish the links, commonality of multiple migrations. Equally the performance will invite to listen to the created sounds as in form of meditation about place, ourselves and the place we inhabit.

In Mexico, the performance will take place in the CENART, National Centre for the Arts. In Leicester, it will take place at the Interact Gallery.The project is receiving support from the IOCT, De Montfort University and The City of Sanctuary - Leicester.

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Jacktrip Workshop 10th March 2012

Technical Session 28th April 2012

Rehearsals 5th May 2012

Live Performance 12th May 2012