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Sean Clark's Projects

For information about my recent projects (2015 - 2020) visit the What We Do section of the Interact Digital Arts website. For my latest work see

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Interact Digital Arts

Interact Digital Arts has been actively involved in digital arts in Leicester since 2009. It is currently in the the process of being turned in to a stand-alone company that will ..

Computer History

I am looking to do a series of new creative works focussing on key developments in computing. As I gather materials and stories I am sharing them via this project page. I don't ..

Cyberculture Archive

The early-1990s saw a coming together of new technology and alternative cultures in quite an extraordinary way. I've recently started to catalogue my collection of materials from ..

Experiments In Modern Radio

I've started to experiment with data communications over amateur and license-free radio frequencies. My main goal of this work is to develop zero-configuration radio technologies ..

Leicester Hackspace 2014

I was instrumental in helping to set up Leicester Hackspace in early 2014. The group initially met at Interact Labs and now operates from it's own space in the Makers' Yard on ..

Homebrew VR using REND386 1994/2014

In the early 1990s I built a homebrew Virtual Reality system using an off the shelf PC, Nintendo PowerGlove, Sega Shutter Glasses and REND386 software. Over 20 years later I ..

Interact Labs

Interact Labs encourages people to be creative with digital technology. Equipped with computers and micro-controllers, drawing machines and 3D printers, we provides a place for ..

Microworld: Arcadia 2013

Microworld: Arcadia was a 'living' art space in the heart of Cardiff, filled with magical projections, robots and electronic sounds, which were able to grow, transform and evolve ..

Antipodes by Layla Curtis 2013

Antipodes is an art project by Layla Curtis. The web-based artwork will be running for (at least) a year collecting images from pairs of webcams that Layla has found that are on ..

Raspberry Pi Projects 2012

The Raspberry Pi is a little low-cost Linux computer that can be used for home-brew hardware and projects. I own a couple of them that I use to try out web ideas and develop my ..

One Living Thing

My long-running plan to republish some of the written works of the 4th century Roman Emperor Julian II is in hold at the moment. I expect to revisit it towards the end of the year ..

Intuition and Ingenuity at Phoenix 2012

I was involved in bringing the "Intuition and Ingenuity" Alan Turing centenary Exhibition to Phoenix, Leicester in November 2012. This is my extensive documentation of the ..

Symbiotic 2012

London-based art group Genetic Moo (Nicola Schauerman and Tim Pickup) and Leicester digital artist Sean Clark have created a collection of digital artworks that are designed to ..

The Interactive Welcome 2012

The Interactive Welcome is a three-screen installation produced my myself and Geoff Broadway. It will be running for a period of three years at Penn Fields School in Wolverhampton ..

Track Down 2012

Track Down is a large scale game by Metro Boulot Dodo that will take place at XSCAPE in Milton Keynes between 20th and 29th July 2012. I was involved in producing the iPhone and ..

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