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1990s Cyberculture Archive

The early-1990s saw a coming together of new technology and alternative cultures in quite an extraordinary way. The early Internet, Virtual Reality and new forms of mobile communications mixed with cyberpunk, neo-psychedelia, pre-milenium madness, digital arts, video games, rave, ambient and electronic music and various other sub-cultures to create a lively mix that is now referred to collectively as '1990s Cyberculture'.

I've recently started to catalogue my collection of materials from the time. I'm filling a few gaps with eBay purchases and hope that the archive will grown organically with donations and recommendations. In the future, I want to interview people and document personal stories too, so if you have something to talk about - or have anything to donate - please get in touch with me at

Items in bold have been catalogued, other items are either in my collection but not catalogued, or are things that I'm on the look-out for.



Virtual Reality

1991. Artificial Reality II. Myron Krueger.
1991. Virtual Reality. Howard Rheingold.
1992. Virtual Reality Playhouse. Nick Lavroff.
1992. Glimpses of Heaven, Visions of Hell: Virtual Reality and Its Implications. Barrie Sherman and Phillip Judkins.
1992. Virtual Reality: Through the New Looking Glass. Kevin Teixeira and Ken Pimentel.
1993. Virtual Reality Creations. Dave Stampe and Bernie Roehl (with disk).
1993. Virtual Reality Beyond the Looking Glass. Ken Pimentel and Kevin Teixeira.
1993. The Virtual Reality Primer. L. Casey Larijani.
1994. Playing God. Bernie Roehl (with disk).
1994. The Virtual Reality Construction Kit. Joe Gradecki (with disk).
1994. Interacting With Virtual Environments. Lindsay MacDonald and John Vince.
1994. Garage Virtual Reality. Linda Jacobson (missing disk).
1995. Virtual Reality Applications. R.A. Earnshaw, J.A. Vince and H. Jones.
1995. Virtual Reality Systems. John Vince.
1996. The Virtual Reality Homebrewer's Handbook. Robin Hollands (with disk).
1996. Designing 3D Graphics. Josh White.
1997. VRML Clearly Explained. John R. Vacca.

Multimedia and Art

1992. Fractals: The Patterns of Chaos: Discovering a New Aesthetic of Art, Science, and Nature. John Briggs.
1994. The Cyberspace Lexicon. Bob Cotton.
1994. Multimedia Now. September 1994.
1994. Fractal Creations: Second Edition. Tim Wegner, Mark Peterson and Bert Tyler
1996. Complete Guide to Multimedia: The Essential Explanation of the Latest Technology. Dorling Kinderley Publishing.
1997. Website Graphics: The Best of Global Site Design. Willem Velthoven et a. Thames and Hudson.


1992. Mondo 2000: A User's Guide to the New Edge. Rudolf V.B. Rucker, R.U. Sirius and Queen Mu.
1994. Chaos and Cyber Culture. Timothy Leary.
1995. Cyberpunk Handbook. St. Jude, R.U. Sirius and Bart Nagal.
1995. Cyberspace for Beginners. Joanne Buick and Zoran Jevtic.
1996. Fractal Dreams: New Media in Social Context. Jon Dovey.
1998. The Archaic Revival: Speculations on Psychedelic Mushrooms, the Amazon, Virtual Reality, UFOs, Evolution, Shamanism, the Rebirth of the Goddess. Terence K. McKenna.
1998. Design for Dying. Timothy Leary and R.U. Sirius.


1994. 3W Magazine. Issue 4 (June 1994). Ivan Pope.
1994. Audio Visuality. Issue 1 (November 1994) to Issue 2 (December 1994). MCP Ltd.
1995-1996. Internet Today. Issue 10 (August 1995) to Issue 17 (March 1996). Paragon Publishing Ltd.
1995-1996. NetUser Magazine. Issue 1 (July 1995) to Issue 17 (December 1996). Paragon Publishing Ltd.
1996. Get Online. Issue 1 (Spring 1996). Paragon Publishing Ltd.
1996-1997. Total Internet. Issue 1 (December 1996) to Issue 2 (January 1997). Rapide Publishing.


1992. Last Chance to See. Voyager.
1992. Poetry in Motion. Ron Mann. Voyager.
1993. All My Hummingbirds Have Alibis. Morton Subotnick. Voyager.
1993. Myst. Cyan. Brøderbund.
1993. Xplora1. Peter Gabriel. MacPlay.
1993. The Beatles: A Hard Day's Night. Voyager.
1993. The 7th Guest. Trilobyte. Virgin Interactive. PC.
1993. Star Wars: Rebel Assault. Lucas Arts.
1993. Who Built America? Voyager.
1994. Gadget. Synergy Interactive.
1994. Burn:Cycle. Philips Interactive Media. Mac/PC.
1994. Jump. David Bowie. Ion. Mac/PC.
1994. Puppet Motel. Laurie Anderson. Voyager.
1994. Headcandy. Brian Eno. Ion.
1994. Freakshow. The Residents. Voyager.
1994. Ethemeral Films. Voyager.
1994. If Monks Had Macs. Voyager.
1994. Defending Human Attributes in the Age of the Machine. Don Norman. Voyager.
1994. Cinemania. Microsoft.
1994. Prince: Interactive. Graphic Zone / Warner Bothers. Mac/PC.
1994. People Weekly: 20 Amazing Years of Pop Culture. Voyager. Mac/PC.
1994. Under a Killing Moon. Access Software. PC.
1995. P.A.W.S. Dog Simulator. Domestic Funk Products. Mac/PC.
1995. Gingerbread Man. The Residents. Ion.
1995. The Dark Eye. Inscape.
1995. Haunted House. Jan Pienkowski. Philips Interactive Media. Mac/PC.
1995. Organic Art. Computer Artworks. PC.
1995. Homegrown Fantasy CD-ROM. Zion Train. Mac/PC.
1995. For All Mankind. Voyager.
1995. Bad Day on the Midway. The Residents. Inscape.
1995. Star Trek Omnipedia. Michael Okuda and Denise Okuda. Simon & Schuster. PC.
1995. Johnny Mnemonic. Sony Imagesoft.
1996. Eve. Peter Gabriel. Real World.
1996. The Society of Mind. Marvin Minsky. Voyager.
1996. Adventures of the Smart Patrol. Devo. Inscape.
1996. Understanding McLuhan. Voyager.
1996. Drowned God: Conspiracy of the Ages. Inscape.
1996. Encarta Encylopedia. Microsoft. PC.
1997. Highway 61 Interactive. Bob Dylan. Mac/PC.
1997. Virtual Nightclub. Trip Media.
1997. The Way Things Work. David Macaulay. Dorling Kindersley.
1997. Let Us Play. Coldcut. Ninja Tune. PC.
1997. The Complete National Geographic. Mac/PC.
1997. Ceremony of Innocence. Nick Bantock. Real World. Mac/PC.
1998. Vjamm. Coldcut. Ninja Tune. PC.
1999. Evolva. Computer Artworks. PC.
1999. The Nomad Soul. Quantic Dream. PC.
1999. Art 20: Dictionary of Modern Art CD-ROM. Thames and Hudson. Mac/PC.
1999. Let Us Replay. Coldcut. Ninja Tune. PC.
1999. Birmingham Frequencies. HIA & Biosphere. Headphone. Mac/PC.
2000. Evolva. Computer Artworks. PC.

Media Art

1992. Mediamatic Vol 7#1. Mediamatic Foundation.
1993. Mediamatic Vol 7#2.
1994. Mediamatic Vol 7#3/7#4. BLINDROMv0.9 CD-ROM. Mediamatic Foundation.
1994. Mediamatic Vol 8#1.
1994. Antirom. CD-ROM.
1994. Waxweb. CD-ROM/DVD. David Blair.
1994. Biomorph Encyclopedia. CD-ROM. Nobuhiro Shibayama.
1995. Girlmonster Cyberflesh. CD-ROM. Linda Dement.
1995. Mediamatic Vol 8#2/8#3. V.O.L.V.O. Airbag CD-ROM. Mediamatic Foundation.
1996. Mediamatic Vol 8#4. Idea-ON CD-ROM. Mediamatic Foundation.
1996. Scrutiny in the Great Round. Jim Gesperini. CD-ROM. Macmillan Interactive Publishing.
1998. Mediamatic Vol 9#1. Family Files CD-ROM. Mediamatic Foundation.
1998. Mediamatic Vol 9#2/9#3. OSS/.. CD-ROM. Mediamatic Foundation.
1999. Mediamatic Vol 9#4/10#1. [small world] CD-ROM. Mediamatic Foundation.
2001. Mediamatic Off-line Vol 10#2.
2001. Mediamatic Off-line Vol 10#3.
2001. Mediamatic Off-line Vol 11#1. Screen 1-12 DVD. Mediamatic Foundation.
2002. Complete Artintact 1994-1999. Artist's Interactive CD-ROMagazine on DVD-ROM.
2006. Mediamatic Off-line Vol 11#2. Screen 13-20 DVD. Mediamatic Foundation.
2007. Mediamatic Off-line Vol 11#3.


1993. The 7th Guest. Virgin Interactive. CD-i
1993. eSCAPE. Hex. CD-i.
1993. Space Ace. Super Club/ICDI. CD-i.
1993. Voyeur. Philips POV. CD-i.
1994. AntiStatic. Hex. CD-i.
1994. Mad Dog McCree. American Laser Games. CD-i.
1994. Burn:Cycle. Trip Media. CD-i.
1994. Dragon's Lair. Philips Interactive Media. CD-i.
1995. HeadCrash. Hex. CD-i.
1995. VeeJay Vol. 1. CD-i.


1991. Cyberpunk. VHS.
1992. Boss Vid. The Shamen. VHS.
1992. The Orb's Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld. The Orb. VHS.
1992. Dance in Cyberspace. Prism Leisure. VHS.
1992. Cyberdelia. Prism Leisure. VHS.
1992. Beyond The Mind's Eye. Jan Hammer. VHS.
1993. X-MIX-1. Various. VHS.
1993. Global Chaos. Hex. VHS.
1993. Future Shock. Prism Leisure. VHS.
1993. Flying High. The Irresistible Force. VHS.
1994. Motion. Warp Records. VHS.
1994. Lifeforms. Future Sound Of London. VHS.
1995. Synthetic Pleasures. Documentary by Lara Lee. VHS.
1996. The Fractal Experience. Prism Leisure. VHS.
1997. Let Us Play. Coldcut. VHS.
1998. Ancient Alien. Protean Vision Quest. VHS.

Archived Websites

1993. The HCI'93 Virtual Reality Exhibition. [Link]
1994-1999. The Shamen's Nemeton. The Shamen. [Link]
1995-1998. Resonance. [Link]
1995. Virtual Gallery. [Link]
1995. Cybercaff. [Link]
1995. LiveWire. [Link]
1995. Surf. [Link]
1995. Axis Mutatis. The Shamen. [Link]
1996-1997. Universal Egg. Zion Train. [Link]
1997. Birmingham Frequencies. HIA and Biosphere. [Link]
1997. Computer Artworks. William Latham. [Link]
1997. WobblyWeb. Zion Train. [Link]
1997. Now Festival. [Link]
1998. Cuttlefish. [Link]

Computer Hardware

1990. Private Eye Head Mounted Display from Reflection Technology. Mini personal display with ISA driver card, extension cable and 5 1/4" demo disk. In need of some work.
1993. Macintosh Quadra 605 with external CD-ROM drive and Apple Monitor.
1994. Homebrew Virtual Reality System. Based around a Pentium PC running REND386, with a Nintendo PowerGlove input device and Sega 3D Glasses. [More Information]
1999. Cybermind HiRes 800 Virtual Reality Headset with left and right hand CyberGloves. All bits are working but getting the whole system back together is a work in progress.
1999. Spaceball 4000 FLX. 3D Motion Controller with serial interface.