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Computer History

Although I create work with computers, I rarely create work about computers. I plan to address this with some new projects that will reflect on the history of computing and make use of old computer technology to make images. I'm going to focus on three broad eras. Firstly, the 1950s/1960s, the creation of Electronic Brains and the increasing use of 'mainframe' computers in government, business and science. Next, the 1970s/1980s, when I first learnt about computers, the age of the Micro Computer and the arrival of computing in the home. Lastly, I'll be looking at the 1990s, the appearance of the World Wide Web and The Rise of the Internet, something I was actively involved in.

I'm currently collecting source materials, finding stories and generating ideas for artworks and exhibitions. I'll be sharing some of what I find as I go along. Remember, this is a completely subjective journey through the history of computing - describing things that interest me. I've also included a few 'recollections' that capture some of my early computing memories and help place my research in to a personal context.



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