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Sean Clark's Projects

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Bathysphere Live Multimedia 2004 - 2008

Between 2004 and 2008 I worked with Leicester music label Bathysphere to provide a live visual accompaniment to their shows. Examples of the multimedia material generated for the ..

Camberwell MA Degree Show 2008

I produced this website for the Camberwell MA degree show in 2008. It includes a section for the Digital Arts masters course I was a participant on, as well as sections for the ..

Confluence 2008

Confluence was a film produced for Bathysphere's Nanoplex mobile cinema. Directed and edited by Sean Clark, it combines the photography of George Harris and Candice Moule with ..

CQart 2008

The CQart website was created for Leicester City Council in 2008 by Cuttlefish Multimedia to mark the opening of Leicester's Cultural Quarter. It contains information about the ..

Phoenix Digital 2008

In March 2008 The Phoenix in Leicester showcased the work of three digital artists as part of the run up to their eventual move to the new Digital Media Centre. Sean Clark was one ..

Crass Art 2007- 2014

Crass were the most important punk band to emerge in the late 1970s. While the Sex Pistols ignited the punk music scene with songs such as "Anarchy in the UK", Crass actually lived ..

DNA Sculpture 2007

In 2007 Sean Clark worked with visual artist and long-time collaborator Geoff Broadway on a multimedia sculpture based around the structure and symbolism of DNA. The work featured ..

Art and Autopoiesis 2006 - 2008 (MA)

How do I create audiovisual artworks that behave like autopoietic systems and exhibit emergent properties? I began investigating this question in 2006 as part of a part-time MA in ..

Summer Sundae Fringe Festival 2006 - 2012

The Summer Sundae Fringe Festival emerged from Leicester's Pinapster music community in 2006. It led to a regular series events in the week before the annual Summer Sundae ..

Counterpoint 2006

Counterpoint was a collaboration between dancer Annie Ball and digital artists Sean Clark and Monica Fernandez. The first performance was as part of an event called Runway at ..

Moving Science 2006

Moving Science was a collaborative project that used a combination of digital arts and dance to explore scientific themes with young people. It was supported by Leicester City ..

A Choreographer's Cartography 2005

A Choreographer's Cartography was a new multimedia work commissioned by Phoenix Arts as part of their 'Moving' project. It was a collaboration between Sean Clark and writer and ..

Fragments of Identity 2003

Fragments of Identity was a collaborative mixed-media installation commissioned in 2003 as part of 'Year of the Artist'. It took place at the Generator art gallery in Loughborough ..

Persistence of Vision 2001

'Persistence of Vision' was an exhibition I produced about Victorian optical toys. The exhibition contained examples of the toys, plus posters and other information, as well as ..

Pineapster 2001 - 2012

Pineapster was a very active on-line and off-line music community that Cuttlefish ran in Leicester between 2001 and 2012. We are now turning it in to an archive of the Leicester ..

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