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ClickIt! Photography 2000

Before Flickr appeared on the scene, this website ended up collecting over 6,000 photographs from user submissions. Most are from the Loughborough area, with some in other areas of ..

Zion Train Live Multimedia 2000 - 2003

In 2000 and 2001 I was asked by Zion Train to provide live visuals for their shows. Under the name vj:cuttlefish I developed my own visual style using images of sea creatures, ..

Flow 2000

'Flow' was and installation by Geoff Groadway and Sean Clark which took place at the Q Gallery in Derby in 2000. It explored elements of personal change and transformation through ..

The webWORKS Gallery 1999

The webWORKS Gallery was another early Charnwood Arts project. It enabled people up share their own artworks via an online art gallery. The project ran for a number of years and ..

Nottingham Now Festival 1997

The Now Festival was an annual contemporary arts festival held in Nottingham. I was involved in a number of the festivals and in 1997 designed the festival website, as well as ..

Birmingham Frequencies 1997

'Birmingham Frequencies' was an audiovisual event that took place in October 1997 in Birmingham's Rotunda. It was a collaboration between The Higher Intelligence Agency and ..

WobblyWeb 1997

'WobblyWeb' was created for electronic dub pioneers Zion Train in 1997 to support their album 'Grow Together'. The site was as eclectic as the band themselves with bizarre facts, ..

Computer Artworks 1997

Computer artist William Latham was responsible for the Shamen's Axis Mutatis album artwork and various single covers and video graphics. This Web site was produced for his games ..

NetUser / Internet Today 1995 - 1996

In 1995 and 1996 Sean Clark wrote extensively for the UK Internet press. In particular, he wrote a number of articles for NetUser and Internet Today about Nemeton, William Latham ..

Axis Mutatis 1995

This was a very innovative piece of work. The 'Web Mix' of the Shamen's Axis Mutatis album came complete with song lyrics, background information, sound samples and artwork. It was ..

Nemeton 1994 - 1999

This is the original and 'classic' Nemeton from 1999. The site had been live for about four years and the content was fairly extensive with details of live events, on-line ..

Early Web Sites 1993 - 1999

I'm building an archive of my early website work from between 1993 and 1999. These sites were created whilst I was working at Loughborough and Derby Universities and then Headland ..

Derby University / Resonance 1993 - 1998

Resonance was a pioneering digital and internet arts group based at Derby University in the mid-1990s. We organised live events, "cybercaffs" and ran various on-line arts projects ..

Virtual Reality 1993 - 1995

Virtual Reality was most definitely the "next big thing" in the early 1990s. It was high-tech, media-friendly, had counterculture associations and had spawned its own superstar - ..

CSCW 1989 - 1995

From 1989 to 1995 I was based at the LUTCHI Research Centre at Loughborough University. My specialist areas of research were the Computer Supported Co-operative Work (CSCW) and the ..

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