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NetUser / Internet Today 1995 - 1996

In 1995 and 1996 Sean Clark wrote extensively for the UK Internet press. In particular, he wrote a number of articles about Nemeton, William Latham and other Web site projects he was involved in. Some of the original articles have be found and uploaded here together with magazine cover scans.


  • Phorward Into Cyberspace - Internet Today Sep 1995 (PDF, 13.5 Mb)

    A decent sized article about the Shamen's Nemeton Web site and some interviews with band member Colin Angus and manager Charles Cosh.

  • Technomadness - Internet Today Oct 1995 (PDF, 17.9 Mb)

    I really enjoyed writing this article. It's based around an e-mail exchange with Steve Roberts. He used to cycle around on a modified recumbent bike with computers and solar panels attached. I've always been interested in mobile Internet and this article was my first attempt at sharing this interest.