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Track Down 2012

Track Down is a large scale game by Leicester's Metro Boulot Dodo arts company that will take place at the International Festival in Milton Keynes between 20th and 29th July 2012. I was involved in producing the iPhone and Android app and technology for the interactive exhibits.

Taking the graphic and game design produced by Metros, I created the iPhone and Android apps in parallel using the Appcelerator development environment. I also produced a number of Max/MSP patches to control video and audio playback in the interactive exhibits

An interesting aspect of the project was the use of a tone generator in the apps and a tone recogniser in the Max/MSP patches to allow the app to be used as a controller for the interactive exhibits.

On certain screens in the app the user is asked to plug their phone in to an exhibit via an audio cable and then use it control playback or select options. This makes for a very effective way for the user to control the interactive exhibits without the need for complicated configuration of network connections. This technology has now been released as a stand-alone app called the Interact Controller.

If you have any issues with the app please contact

The app is no longer available.


iOS/Android Screen Grabs

Max/MSP Patch