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This site is no longer active. It is a historical document and should be treated as such.

Welcome to Computer Artworks

Evolva is Coming!

Evolva is Coming!As excitedly reported in the video game press, Computer Artworks is currently working on "Evolva" - its first major computer game release. Click here for more information and exclusive screenshots plus QuickTime video clips.

CA Features Pages

Virtual GardenWe open the new "features" section of our Web site with articles about Artificial Life, Technomadness and Music Making. Click here for details.

William Latham Talks About Evolva

Evolva is Coming!In an interview for Edge magazine William Latham talks about Computer Artworks forthcoming game "Evolva". Click here to listen to the interview in ShockWave Audio format.

Introducing William Latham

ComputerMateClick here for a 20 minute introduction to the work of William Latham in Shockwave format (81K download, plus 8Kbps or 16Kbps). You will need the Shockwave for Director plug-in and a sound card.

Things are Growing in the Virtual Garden..

The Virtual GardenAll of the "image-based" sections of the Computer Artworks Web site (including The Shamen and Mutator pages) have how been merged to form a revamped "Virtual Garden". Additions to the garden will be happening regularly, so visit often to see what else has grown!

Computer Artworks Home Page

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