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Computer Artworks

Introducing Computer Artworks Ltd

Computer Artworks Ltd is a development of William Latham's pioneering Organic Art. It aims to fuse computer art and science to create innovative technologies and unique imagery across a wide range of media.

It is an independent company founded by William Latham and is now owned by directors William Latham and Mark Atkinson. The primary computer platforms Computer Artworks Ltd develops for are PC CD-ROM and Sony PlayStation. However, Computer Artworks Ltd also produces 3D Organic Computer Animation on video, PC screen savers and Web-related products.

In 1994, Computer Artworks Ltd created the 'Garden of Unearthly Delights' CD-ROM for IBM. They also did design work and graphics for the film 'Hackers', and started working with IBM multimedia (USA), Time Warner Interactive Entertainment and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

In 1995, Computer Artworks Ltd created an 'Evolution X' Sony PlayStation demonstration on PSX CD-ROM and began work on the 'Organic Art' CD-ROM - published by Time Warner Interactive and released in late '96. This was one of the first products to use Microsoft RenderMorphics Real Time Rendering Software.

In 1995 William Latham was also joint video director on The Shamen's pop promos 'Destination Eschaton' and 'Transamazonia' - with Computer Artworks creating the computer animation and single and album cover imagery. Other Shamen projects include producing a 'Rave Edit' of Latham Computer Animation for Glastonbury Rock Festival and the design of giant inflatable 'ammonites' and 'pumpkins' for live concerts. Latham also directed The Shamen's video for the single 'Heal The Separation' and created the well-known 'Freudian' cover image.

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