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Welcome to Computer Artworks

In this section of our Web site we re-produce a selection of articles by Sean Clark, the Computer Artworks Webmaster. The first three features were written a last year but they have been updated where appropriate.

Art-ificial Life

We investigates the "growing" area of Art-ificial Life, and poses the question - are there genuine lifeforms on our computers and the Internet? [Click here].


Think beyond the small scale revolution of technologies like Hot Java and encryption, and you might imagine the free wheeling world of the Technomad. [Click here].

The Music Makers

Music is one of the Internet's big application areas, with many bands, record labels and music retailers to be found dabbling in the Web. However, it's not just the well-known musicians who have taken an interest in the Net, many amateur music-makers are active in cyberspace and are doing things that are as equally impressive as their professional counterparts... [Click here].

Computer Artworks Home Page

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