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Organic Art

Organic Art

Organic Art

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Inspired by a fusion of natural history and science fiction, Organic Art is a beautiful revolution in movement, space and time. The package is based on the hypnotic art of internationally renowned computer artist William Latham, whose recent projects include album covers and videos for techno dance group The Shamen.

NEW EXPIRY DATE: Two downloads are available. The Organic Art Demo v1.42 is a demonstration of the commercial product which contains around 10% of the full release.

Organic Art Microsoft Edition was created to commemorate the first anniversary of Windows 95.

NEW DOWNLOAD: The Shamen screensaver was designed to go with the Axis Mutatis LP:

Please note: The Designer Demo runs under Win95, NT3.51, NT4.0 or Windows 3.1 with Win32s (Win32s v1.30c is required - note the retail CD includes Win32s and installs automatically). The MS Edition runs under Win95 or NT4.0 with Service Pack 3. The Shamen screensaver works on any Windows PC.

DirectX Upgrade

NEW VERSION: For owners of the full Organic Art package a DirectX Upgrade Beta 3 is available on our FTP site. There are 2 files:

  • [These no longer exist]

Highlights of this release include: DX5 compatibility, much faster trails mode on 3Dfx, saver doesn't run during scandisk, defrag, etc., improved alpha blending support, more performance stats in the saver caption bar miscellanous performance improvements.

It is important to have DX-compatible display drivers, which can be downloaded from the card vendors' Web site.

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