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Miscellaneous Links

  • Cspace - Article about William Latham by Jim McClellen
  • Genetic Art from the Virtual World - Notes from a talk given by William Latham at Wolverhampton Uiversity in April 1995
  • Nemeton - The Shamen's Web site including Computer Artworks imagery
  • Organic Shock - A simple Shockwave movie (needs Shockwave plug-in). Watch out for more ShockWave movies on this site in the future!
  • Thames and Hudson - Look here for Escher interactive!
  • Mark Ayres - Composer who has worked with William Latham on a number of projects [New]

If you have any more links that should be listed here then please send the URLs to [no more links please]. They will be added as soon as we have had a chance to 'vet' them!

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