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Evolva is Coming!

"Most games look to the past for their inspiration; Computer Artworks' Evolva uses complex scientific theories and the state of the Organic Art" - Edge magazine

Evolva is set in a complex alien world inspired by the organic art of William Latham. You must guide a group biomechanical "Geno Hunters" on various missions to clear planets of a virus-like alien race that is infecting the galaxy. Under your guidance the Geno Hunters must be mutated and bred to produce new creatures that are ideally adapted to solving your current mission.

With stunning graphics and compelling gameplay Evolva will be like no game ever seen. Keep watching these pages for regular updates on its development.

Screen Shots

These JPEG images are from the development version of Evolva.

Evolva 2Evolva 3Evolva 4

Evolva 5Evolva 6Evolva 7Evolva 8

QuickTime Movies

These short Evolva video clips are in high-quality 320 x 240 QuickTime format.

Movie 1(855Kb) Link(963Kb)

An Interview with William Latham

William Latham talks about Evolva in this seven part interview for Edge magazine. It is in ShockWave audio format. The ShockWave plug-in can be downloaded from the Macromedia Web site.

The Audio is Missing

[ Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 ]

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