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Organic Art

Let Organic Art Inspire Your PC!

Inspired by a fusion of natural history and science fiction, Organic Art is a beautiful revolution in movement, space and time. The package is based on the hypnotic art of internationally renowned computer artist William Latham, whose recent projects include album covers and videos for techno dance group The Shamen.

Organic Art contains over 100 3D screen saver scenes that generate in real time, continually creating new mutations for you to discover. Organic Art is also fully interactive, letting you design your own virtual scenes with a unique 'Evolutionary Generator'. There are over 400 million combinations to explore!

Organic Art WAS available for Windows 3.1, Windows 95 and Windows NT. You might find a copy in the Nemeton Shop

"It's more than just a Screensaver, Organic Art transports you to another world!"

Organic Art Gallery

With Organic Art you can create stunning images, animate them and then save them as screensavers. Here are just a few examples of the type of scenes you could create:

Image 1Image 2Image 3Image 4
Image 5Image 6Image 7Image 8
Image 9Image 10Image 11Image 12

The Things People Say About Organic Art..

"I can't get any work done!!! Way cool" -

"Fantastic" -

"I can sit for hours just looking at my screen saver." -

"MS Edition, Superb - Thank You!" -

"A co-worker has it on his machine, we spend so much time watching it I want to get it for home!" -

"Ace, cool, smashing etc." -

"Do you get a free spliff with the s/s??" -

"Finally, a cool Windows screen saver that works in 256! Even aside from that, it's an awesome proggy!" -

Astonishing" -

"Love it! Best screensaver program since "Timeless"" -

"Mesmorizing, encapsulating, awesome - my opinion after what I thought to be a quick glance." -

"This is a prime Screen Saver" -

"One Word - "Cool!"" -

"Great, but more Kathy Lloyd pictures please." -

"Amazing it is living where other computer art seemed cold and soulless Thanks." -

"Beyond the edge, my friends, to the other side..." -

"You guys rock!" -

"This is incredible!" -

"My cat loves your download, although I have a 55" television which she never looks at she is transfixed on my 15" monitor! Seriously thinking about purchasing your full version but what do i do about my cat? " -

"Ahh - something creative -- Slurp!" -

"How can you make the rendering so fast? Its a wonderful program" -

"I've been watching Organic Art on my colleague's computer. It's fascinating (almost hypnotic) and I'm jealous, so I'm downloading my own copy. But it would seem that you get hooked on this easily, so I'll probably be back soon to order the full program! I love adult toys!" -

"Best I've ever seen!!!!!!!!" -

"Far out!" -

"Stunning, Amazing, Beautiful!!!" -

"Stunning, ABSOLUTELY Stunning" -

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