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Sean Carroll

My project is an exploration into representing musical patterns using 2D geometry. Using web technology I have created a system for playing simple musical sequences in the web browser. Functionality has been added to allow the visitor to experiment with the notes and sequences created. Going forward I would like to consider how to incorporate more aspects of the type of logic found in games to the project and how they add to the range of musical ideas. I would also like to consider how to use the Internet of Things to allow compositional elements from different pieces displayed on different web pages to work together for more complicated performances.

More About Me

Artwork - Hello Sequence

  • Learn how to create a piece of music
  • Figure out how to allow others to modify it
  • Figure out how to make it play in time
  1. Use the speaker icon in the top right-hand corner to turn audio on
  2. If you resize your window you may need to refresh the page
  3. While the prices should work on mobile, performance will be best on a desktop browser (Chrome is recommended)