Books & Publications

Between 1977 and 1984 Crass self-produced numerous booklets and books, leaflets and even their own newspaper. These were released through Exitstencil Press and often given away at gigs, or sold for minimal cost. The publications dealt with topics such as radical politics, religion, gender equality and vegetarianism, and featured artwork by Gee Vaucher and other members of the band. A mixture of handmade reproductions and original works are included in the exhibition.

In 1999 AK Press published two books related to Crass. The first was a retrospective of Gee Vaucher's artwork entitled 'Crass Art & Other Pre-Postmodernist Monsters' and the second was an autobiography by Penny Rimbaud entitled 'Shibboleth: My Revolting Life'. These helped re-ignite interested in the band and have been followed by other publications that explore their history and output. Both Crass Art and Shibboleth are available in new editions through Exitstencil Press.


After 1984