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Stench I

5th October 2007 @ The Y Theatre

Stench I : Microcosmic Soundscapes and Illuminations
The Y Theatre, Leicester

Murcof (Leaf)
sonimatics, scapes and micro sounds
Murcof, aka Fernando Corona, originates from Mexico and is now resident in Barcelona. His music is characterised by 'microcosmic' soundscapes, haunting drones, intimate minimal textures and striped-back beats. His new album, Cosmos, is released on the Leaf label, and is grandeur in scale than his previous work, and draws on a palette of sounds derived predominantly from acoustic instruments. Murcof's performances incorporate multi-channel sound diffusion and projections of his video works.

Helena Gough (Entr'acte)
statis and constant flux
Helena Gough is a Birmingham-based sound artist. Her debut solo release can be found on the Entr'acte record label. Her work involves the collection and manipulation of 'real-world' sound material and the exploration of its abstract properties. Each new sound piece is created by taking everything possible from the tiniest element - working to create something from nearly nothing.

Hilary Jeffery (FMR) with Tron Kristmas
octophonic tromboscillations
Hilary Jeffery, British born but now based in Amsterdam, is a trombonist and improviser working in the field of contemporary and electronic music. Since 1999, he has worked on developing the tromboscillator: an oscillating trombone soundscape, combining trombone signals with those of electronic devices such as oscillators, ring modulators, filters and delay lines. Jeffery's new release on FMR, Solo Trombone and Electronics 2, has gradually unfolding textures, deep beating drones, difference tones and melancholic solo lines.

Bathysphere Nanoplex Macro
films and 5.1 sound
A selection of work from Bathysphere's Nanoplex, a surround sound cinema housed inside a 6 berth caravan, featuring specially commissioned new work from The Buoys, Mountebank and Flotel, Steve Friendship, Sean Cuttlefish, animators Max Crow and Aaron Bradbury, Bathysphere electro accoustic artists Threep and an exclusive piece from Raster-Noton artist Kangding Ray. All presented in glorious surround sound.

Sally Rose Renner
exhibition – cardboard castle and live drawing

DJ Steve Auxilec
uk electro

DJ Dushume
soulful Eastern Asian electroacoustic soundz