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Resonance Exhibition Opening

Wed, 06 Dec 2017

Resonance Exhibition Opening

The Resonance exhibition of work by myself and Esther Rolinson is now open at the LCB Depot in Leicester. It runs until Friday 22nd December, with the last night coinciding with the famous Canteen street food event at LCB.

I'm very pleased with the exhibition. I think it is a coherent presentation of work by two artists who work in very different ways, but have shared underlying interests. Both Esther and myself are interested in "systems" and you can see this interest expressed throughout the work in the exhibition.

I am particularly happy with my new digital pieces. Both the larger and smaller framed LCD screens look really smart and build on the work I have done before on hiding the technology I use as much as possible. These new frames are down to local woodworker Steve Lynch who laser cut, assembled and painted the screen mounts.

Expect to see the framing of my work to develop more over the coming year.

You can find photographs from the exhibition opening at /interact2020/resonance.html.

Author: Sean Clark