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Simon Faithfull: An Expanding Atlas of Subjectivity


"The drawings are very restricted in their detail because of the tiny screen with its paltry number of pixels. But I like this discipline of making something meaningful with such reduced means, something akin to an economy of line." - Simon Faithfull

In a joint exhibition with Phoenix Square, the Interact Gallery showed work by internationally renowned artist Simon Faithfull. Using a specially created iPhone app Simon creates highly detailed black and white drawings of his day-to-day travels. The complete set of over 800 drawings so far was shown at Phoenix Square and new drawings shown at Interact as they arrived.

Simon gave a talk about his work at Phoenix Square on 23rd April 2012 at 6pm that was followed by a live at event at Interact from 9pm to 11pm.

You can subscribe to Simon's drawings via the iPhone, Twitter, Facebook or the web. Visit limbo.simonfaithfull.org for details.


Setting Up at Phoenix Square and Interact - 1st April 2012

Simon Faithfull at The Interact Gallery - 23rd April 2012