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Leicester XR: Virtual and Augmented Reality

Saturday 19th October 2019 @ Phoenix, Leicester

Join us at Phoenix for an opportunity to experience the latest Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality projects created in Leicester. Work on show will include projects by MBD, CATS are not PEAS, NSC Creative, Ben Fredericks and DeMontfort University. The event is being organised by Interact Digital Arts and Phoenix. FREE.

Thanks to all of those who exhibited and attended the event. We hope to organise an even bigger event in 2020 in Leicester. Join the Leicester VR/AR Creators Facebook Group to get involved.

Leicester VR/AR Creators
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This is a group for VR creators in Leicester and the surrounding area to share work, ideas, start collaborations and generally help promote VR and AR ...


MBD creates storytelling experiences using a blend of art and technology. From Virtual Reality films to innovative Animation and Projection Mapping, MBD delivers immersive experiences for a whole range of people and places.

With a focus on telling powerful and relatable stories, MBD's aim is to make high-end visitor experiences that engage audiences on a meaningful and emotive level.

Heritage Storeys is MBD's new Virtual Reality storytelling experience. Travel through time and space in a Virtual lift and immerse yourself in a series of compelling historical stories. Just put on a headset, close the door, and explore. Heritage Storeys is a walk-around VR experience, lasting approximately 5 minutes and is FREE to view. Suitable for ages 13+

NSC Creative

NSC Creative is an award-winning UK studio with 15 years of experience in immersive media. They specialise in immersive experiences for theme parks, VR, domes, 3D/4D, museums and science centres.

DMU Institute of Creative Technologies

ShadowPlay is a 3-minute 360 dance film features hip-hop performer Si Rawlinson, with an original score by award-winning composer Tim Dickinson. The piece investigates how choreography, immersive sound and 360 filmmaking can inform each other to develop new work for emergent immersive environments. This is a work in progress and we'd love you to try it out and tell us what you think...

The piece is a collaboration between live performance company Assault Events, the immersive storytelling studio Cats Are Not Peas and the Institute of Creative Technologies, DMU. This piece is the result of the IOCT's RiskyPlay initiative, funded by DeMontfort University.

Cats Are Not Peas

Ben Fredericks

Imagine you are the captain of a space station. A space station suddenly presented with a humanitarian crisis. When given the choice, who will you save?

Playing God is an interactive VR thought experiment by Ben Fredericks that lets you imagine you are the captain of a space station, a space station suddenly presented with a humanitarian crisis. It challenges its audience with a series of scenarios and questions based it's upon its narrative to explore how the audience would deal with a humanitarian crisis themselves.

Part of LCB's Design Season - DS2