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  • MADA3 Assessment Evidence

    Unit Code MADAOL3
    Credits Associated 60
    Indicative Learning Hours 600 hours

  • MADA3 Artist's Statement

    My artwork uses digital technology to explore the themes of connectedness, flow and emergence. I do this through the creation of interactive audio-visual installations that I refer to as ‘digital art-systems’.

  • MADA3 Reflection

    Any arts-based research exercise or period of reflection can leave you with as many questions as answers. At least this is a conclusion I have come to through my MA research programme.

  • MADA3 Colloquium Presentation

    I produced a presentation for the MA colloquium that introduced my ‘Digital Art-System’ concept. This was published on my blog and via my podcast.

  • MADA3 Exhibitions

    The experiential nature of my work means that I have to experiment and try out new ideas in a ‘live’ setting in order to move forward. Interactive work will always throw up surprises and the best way for me to generate these is to exhibit is to present my work wherever possible.

  • MADA3 Research

    I would identify the following books as being most influential in my research over the past two years.