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Following several recent successful and enjoyable readings/performances, Penny has decided to make himself available for further shows either solo or with one or other of his many jazz playing comrades. Varying from the overtly political to the outright pornographic, Penny's writing already has a large following, his performance skills are less known, but no less powerful. Penny's autobiography, 'Shibboleth - my revolting life', covers life before, during and after the CRASS era and gives a broader insight into a writer whose passion for life was so powerfully exposed in the well respected writings and lyrics he produced during that era.

If you would like to book Penny for a reading/performance, please contact him by slowmail at:

The Dial House Foundation
Dial House
Ongar Park Hall, North Weald,
Epping, Essex, CM16 6AE, England

tel/fax 01992 52 3854


Books on AK Press:

The Diamond Signature and The Death of Immagination is out now on AK Press.

coverTwo pieces of dramatic prose from the drummer and founder of Crass. "An enormously ambitious & sonorous work of the Eye- magination" - Lawrence Ferlinghetti.

Shibboleth - my revolting life

book cover

Started as a compilation of essays written during the Crass era and developed into an autobiography using Penny's reflections on this period. In it there is an extended version of "Last of the Hippies - An Hysterical Romance," ". . . IN WHICH CRASS VOLUNTARILY BLOW THEIR OWN," "Crass at the Roxy. He Fails Articulation on the Skinned Dog," and various show leaflets done for Crass shows. (Also due out in March 1997).

AK Press (USA)
PO Box 40682
San Francisco, CA 94140-0682

AK Press (UK)
PO Box 12766
Edinburgh, Scotland EH8 9YA

Released on Red Herring Records (RH3)

The Death of Immagination, a musical drama

coverpart 1 An introduction to the naked body through the picture of Auschwitz and the garishly painted crucifix outside the house of a god, who, despite Nietzche's claims to the contrary, still lies at the very root of our cultural consciousness.
part 2
Concerns the effort involved in acknowledging and transcending the sickness of our social conditioning. Only by purging ourselves from the darkness of our imaginary past are we set free to invent our individual consciousness.
part 3 Acknowledges that for every positive step we make, there is the danger of negative repercussions. However, despite the inummerate social cautions to the contrary, that should be no reason for inactivity.
part 4 Attempts to find the balance, but in the end accepts that against the enormous weight of "establishmetn" attitudes, the most we can strive for is ourselves - then and only then will we be free to seek that more social of "revolutions".


Projects since Crass's final show in 1984:


a-somaA-Soma Nothing Comes To Mind CD

Eve appears on this new cd from A-Soma.


Christ's Reality Asylum (1977)

Life Amongst the Little People (1978)

"Last of the Hippies - An Hysterical Romance," from A Series of Shock Slogans and Mindless Token Tantrums (1981).

"Crass at the Roxy. He Fails Articulation on the Skinned Dog," from International Anthem, number 1 (1981).

". . . IN WHICH CRASS VOLUNTARILY BLOW THEIR OWN," essay from Best Before (1984).

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