The Crass Logo and graffiti

This symbol was designed specifically by Dave King (Sleeping Dogs) for Penny Rimbaud's book, Christ's Reality Asylum (below).


Crass try to bring down the Thatcher government.

Christ the Movie

Three films by Mick Duffield as shown at Crass's gigs 1978-84.


Christ's Reality Asylum
Penny Rimbaud, 1977

Life Amongst the Little People
"Pete of Small Wonder Records asked for a press release to accompany our record Feeding of the 5000...This release gives some impression of where we are and how we work."
Written, silkscreened and bound by CRASS, 1978

Crass by name, even worse by nature, like
it or not, they just won't go away. Crass
are the distempered dog end of rock 'n roll's
once bright and vibrant rebellion. That they're
so unattractive, unoriginal and badly balanced
in an uncompromising and unhumourless way, simply
adds to the diseased attraction of their naively
black and white world where words are a series of
shock slogans and mindless token tantrums
to tout
around your tribe and toss at passers by.

(from the back cover of the book, article by Steve Sutherland, Melody Maker)

This book was first published in leaflet form as part of Christ the album. It contains three separate essays all of which deal with the individual and their basic right to freedom and peace. This book, written by three members of CRASS, gives an insight into much of the thinking of the "punk generation" which, contrary to the media portrayal of punk as mindless and violent, is both caring and articulate.
Released originally in 1982 with Christ - The Album, printed in book form in '82 and re-printed in 1983.


Crass saw gigs as a good opportunity to share information, not only on stage but through the distribution of free handouts. Subjects ranged from vegetarian cooking recipes to nuclear power. In time, the idea was returned by the people in the audience who produced their own handouts and numerous fanzines. The audience was a huge part of every show.

Magazines and Newspapers

International Anthem 1, 2, and 3

The Eklektic 1 and 2, by A. Palmer and S. Stockton

Observer, 2 issues

Postcard Series

Series of twelve. Postcards 1-5 are shown here.

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