During the lifespan of the band, Crass blitzed London with stencil graffiti containing messages such as, "FIGHT WAR NOT WARS." The piece, "Who do they think they're fooling? You? Why should we accept this sexist shit?" was sprayed directly onto ads that were degrading to women.
The graffiti was motivated in an attempt to counteract the mental rape inflicted by the advertisers.
Stencils were made to fit inside a paper carry bags which had the bottoms cut out. This way, when a target advertisement was located, the stencil could be sprayed with less risk for being caught.

From the walls of the streets, inevitabley to fashion shops, the logo made its way onto fashion-punk shirts, like this one worn by old-school hip hop artist, Junior. Photo from Melody Maker, June 23, 1983, page 33.

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