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Simon Faithfull's Limbo - A Highlight of 2011

Mon, 16 Jan 2012

Simon Faithfull's Limbo - A Highlight of 2011

Limbo is a project by artist Simon Faithfull. Using a custom iPhone app created by Cuttlefish, Simon is able to create drawings on his phone and upload them to the internet. Subscribers can then view the drawings on a website or via a specially-created iPhone app.

Recently Cuttlefish updated the viewer app to include extra features, such as comments, and added a new Limbo Lite app to the iOS store that allows you to view Simon's artworks for free on your iPhone (the full Limbo app is available for £1.49 and gives extra features such as alerts when you are near the location of a drawing).

Limbo is proving to be a very successful project. It's also been listed as a highlight of 2011 by arts website Culture 24 (see

To download the new Limbo apps simply search the iPhone App Store for "Simon Faithfull". To browse the artworks on the web visit the Limbo web site at

Author: Sean Clark