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Constructs, Colour, Code: Ernest Edmonds 1967 - 2017

Sat, 25 Mar 2017

Constructs, Colour, Code: Ernest Edmonds 1967 - 2017

Friday March 25th saw the opening of Ernest Edmonds' "Constructs, Colour, Code" exhibition at the DMU Gallery in Leicester. The location of the exhibition is very significant since DMU - previously Leicester Polytechnic - is when Ernest began his illustrious career as a pioneering HCI researcher and digital artist in the late 1960s. The artwork on display covers the full 50 years of activity and includes paintings, installation pieces, early digital work and his contemporary "Shaping Forms" on state-of-the-art LCD panels.

The retrospective is beautifully presented by The Gallery and brings together the biggest collection of Ernest Edmonds' work that, to my knowledge, has been shown in one place (the closest was probably the "Light Logic" exhibition in Sheffield in 2012).

This quantity of work makes Ernest's long interest in pattern, sequence, systems and - most strikingly - colour patently clear. What's more you can see the rigorous exploration of the researcher beautifully combined with the sensibilities of the artist. It really is a must-see show.

The exhibition runs until 6th May and is free to enter. Details of where to find it can be found here. I have a collection of pictures on my Flickr page and will collecting materials from the exhibition to put up on the Interact website after the show.

** See more documentation, including a video walkthrough, here **

Author: Sean Clark