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A Cybernetic Ecology Exhibition Opening

Sun, 11 Dec 2016

A Cybernetic Ecology Exhibition Opening

My Arts Council England supported 'A Cybernetic Ecology' exhibition opened on Tuesday with an evening event attended by about around 50 people. The exhibition is a major milestone in the development of my artwork and is the first time I have brought so many interconnected artworks together in one place.

There was some great feedback. People seemed to both get and like the interconnected nature of the exhibition and the presentation of the work was positively commented on. The new collaborative pieces with Esther Rolinson went down well too which bodes well for out plans for next year.

The opening was followed on the Friday evening by 'Interanerki' - a live event curated by the Anerki group from Leicester that took place in the gallery space. The idea for an "Interact meets Anerki" event came out of the Crass exhibition earlier in the year when Anerki provided support for both the Penny Rimbaud and Steve Ignorant events. I love the diverse work they do and mixing their work with digital arts seemed like a natural thing to try.

The exhibition now runs until the 23rd December at the LCB Depot and will be joined by some additional pieces at Phoenix on Wednesday. There is a Saturday opening on the 17th December with some workshop activities for those interested. You can see my pictures from the exhibition and events here on Flickr.

Author: Sean Clark