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Art.CHI 2016 Exhibition in San Jose

Wed, 01 Jun 2016

Art.CHI 2016 Exhibition in San Jose

I was lucky enough to have two artworks accepted for the Art.CHI 2016 Exhibition in San Jose in May this year. Both pieces were collaborations. The first, "Tango Apart" with Ernest Edmonds and the second, "Flown" with Esther Rolinson. Esther's piece was a fairly complex install so, of course, I had to attend in person!

The exhibition took place at the Works Gallery, just around the corner from the main ACM CHI'16 conference in the San Jose Convention Centre. It was a great space - easy to get to and just the right amount of light for a digital art exhibition.

I was familiar with some of the work that was going to be on display, but it wasn't until I got the see the work installed that I realised how diverse the exhibition was. The curators had selected works that explored many different forms of interactivity. Some fast and immediate, others slower and more thoughtful. For example, one artwork responded to being hit with an inflatable hammer, one responded to the viewers heart rate and Flown responded to subtle changes to light and temperature in gallery environment.

Against this backdrop it was particularly rewarding that Flown was awarded the "best in show" for the exhibition. This was a nice surprise, especially since we didn't know that there was going to be such an award when we installed the artwork.

I documented the exhibition quite well. My gallery of over one hundred pictures can be found here on Flickr. I have also put an exhibition walkthrough up on YouTube. See the Art.CHI website for information about all of the artworks in the exhibition.

Author: Sean Clark