The work here explores the theme of order and chaos as well as the relationship between them. This is done through the use of colour and shape as well as creating contrasts between straight edges a more fluid paint drips. The paint is applied across the surface allowing it to merge into other colours, leaving the artist with minimal control on the overall outcome.

To add order and control to the work the painting is then divided into triangles and numbered. These numbers are then randomly chosen in an order corresponding to the layout of the final outcome of these triangles. The end result is a painting comprised of various steps where a lack of control plays a part yet follows a systematic approach.

Human error plays a role in the making these works as the triangles are hand cut meaning each one is slightly different resulting in a non perfect tessellation. I want these errors to be visible as it demonstrates some of the control that I had while the sporadic drips show how there are some parts I couldn't control.