My project concentrates on the environmental issues throughout the city. Inspired by study trips to London and New York, I have produced paintings based on the city and its reality. I started collected research by visiting regularly to the city centre, and concentrating on the more ancient buildings and how they have all started to decay due to today's atmosphere.

John Virtues paintings of London was a huge inspiration for me during this project. His work has a real sense of destruction towards the city and that is what I have been trying to get across in my own work. I mainly work in black and white emulsion paint due to the thickness of the medium. I tried to create a texture throughout the pieces to indicate the stress.

The colours of black and grey establishes the construction and the pollution of the city, which suggests notions of dirt and the dying world almost. Although it's a very dark topic to focus on, I have made the final pieces in a way that you can still see the 'original' city as well as having the atmospheric sense in the backgrounds.

I looked at how construction today is ruining our earth's atmosphere, causing it to slowly break down. I also looked at perspective, and how the expectation of the city is far more exaggerated than how it actually is.