My project focuses on the change occurring over time, decaying spaces, abandoned and taken over by a natural and urban environment each factor creating destruction in different ways. At first I looked closely at the abandoned nature of the building.

I looked online and found images from 2009 when the building was newly abandoned by the time I got to the building it looked like a war zone, from this I chose to look at German expression work to see how they get the feeling across to their viewers. Kathe Kollwitz shows the same feeling in her work; with faces looking tired and almost dead "help Russia" in graphite; she layers up the marks to show stress.

My work showcases this idea in the layers of paint and the various surfaces, I chose to use, spray paint to almost hide small sections and then bold white lines to give impressions of some of the graffiti without giving the words away.

As I painted and allowed paint to run in sections to give it a very strange feeling, like the paint is breaking a forth wall as it makes no sense for it to run straight across a corner, I believe that is the direction my work is heading as it seems to be breaking out of the structure and growing into a strange new place.