Having always had an interest in the human body within art Keesha carpenter started off as lens based artist. She now predominately works within sculpture. Her sculpture work focuses on how the female body is viewed within art and society and why the female body has become this pinnacle of perfection.

She has explored why and how the female body has become so important and her work is challenging these notions. Using her own body, her work has become her own personal journey to self acceptance and reclaiming her own body for feeling the need to fit society's standards.

Influenced by classical sculpture, Carpenter has added a contemporary twist. Using materials such a plaster, she has created life size fragments. The anonymity of the pieces, make the viewer ponder what body part it could be. Bringing it back to the question of is there an ideal perfect body?

Various other materials such as expanding foam on the sculptures to stand as a metaphor for fat; Smooth looking sculptures one side and an uncontrollable expanding mess of fat like material on the other. Keesha's work is not only an ongoing journey in coming to terms with her own body but also trying to reclaim the female body back from society.